Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Olympic tasks (reading)

W.A.L.T: research about the Olympics 

Description: for reading we have tasks that is called the Olympic tasks. Each week we do one task, the first task was introducing our self in māori but you have to gusses who we are. Here is one of my slides.

Feedback: your layout is very tidy 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


OW.A.L.T: creative task 
Description: this week for reading we got to chose a creative task. We had a choice to use our own book or the one that Rosie gave us, I used the school journals and got to work with Samantha. Our task that we chose is making an invention. Here is our plan.

How our invention works is that when you push the green button it turns invisible the orange is the laser, the red one is the recording button rain drop one is a umbrella button just in case it rains and finally the yellow button is the net. This helps the character feeble in the story Suzie and the space nuts. Also on the other side of the lazier is the numbers that tell you how far you need to aim and a scanning part.

Evaluation: I give myself a yellow because I think I can do better because it looks messy.
Feedback: I think you did a good job I like the details and its very creative 
Feed forward: to make more look like a button in stead oc having paper maybe scrunched up some cellophane. From Marion