Wednesday, 19 October 2016


W.A.L.T: make graphs
Description: for maths we have been doing statistics. We learnt how to make block graphs, bar graphs, strip graphs and pie graphs.

   Block graph: 
   A block graph is like a bar graph except you colour in each block.

     Bar graph: 
     A bar graph is when you have your information in bars. You have the catergories on the bottom and the numbers on the side. The number of votes you have you colour how many blocks you have from the votes.

   Pie graph/strip graph
   For the pie graph we had to make a strip graph. What we had to do for the strip graph we had to cut                 out our bars from our bar graph and stick them together and make strip graph. Then glue the ends together to make circle, I put a dot in the middle of my circle in my book and link the information and you your graph. I worked the percentages by multiplying the number by 100 from my Information. I multiplied it by 100  because the percentage is out of 100 and the total is 32. I divided the answer from the multiplication answer by 32. That's how I got my answer.

This is the link to the survey that we did fir maths

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Feedback: very detailed desprition well done!

Feedforward: maybe next time you could take a photo of the survey. Kate.