Wednesday, 7 September 2016


W.A.L.T: make a rectangular prism 
Description: we made a rectangular prism, it is also known as a  cuboid. We had to make sure that when we cut the straws the measurements are accurate so the shape is even. Here is my shape.

Feedback:you done great with this I love how you have done this great. Quiana

Feedforward:next time you could put more detail in your description. Quiana

Monday, 5 September 2016


W.A.L.T : research about our country

description: for the past few weeks we have been finding information about our country. The country that I was looking at is Mexico. Here my slide about Mexico.

evaluation: I give myself a green target because Rosie didn't have to change any of my work, maybe two or three words she had to change.

feedback:  I like all your slide because it is set out nice.  
From Poppy
feedforward: You could of added a little bit more evaluation other than that it looks good.

Seed to table

W.A.L.T: cook food from the country we are researching 

Description: For seed to table we were making Mexican food. The Mexican food was corn fritters and cinnamon biscuits. I worked with Izzy, Hayley, Jayden, Brandon and Memphis and the parent helpers were Gina and Emma.

These are the thank you cards for the parent helpers. 

Evaluation: I think I did a great job cooking and participating in my group because I listened and I didn't get confused. 

Feedback:  I think you did great at taking the photos.
Feedforward: This is a good presentation keep it up