Monday, 31 August 2015


W.A.L.T: write our own myth 

There was a time when earth had no ocean and nothing good to drink except for puddles.
Puddles was the only water on earth.

One day this cloud was formed into a long, giant cloud. She is one of the happiest, cheerful cloud in the world, and she will never stay when it rains on the cold, dry earth. The great clouds dream was to make the world more happier and teach the there are always positive things to think of. When the great cloud went to visit all the different country's in the world, she saw the children sick and the adults yelling for rain and for the sea. 

The great cloud was so terrified that she moved away from the people and signs. The most happiest, cheerful clouds was heart brocken, because it was the most saddest thing she had ever saw,
she decided to cry and feel sory for self. When her tears touched the cold earth, there was a big puddle, she took one look at the puddle and carried on until the land was fill. 

Wosh!! The cloud zoomed through the air as fast as she could letting her tears go free into the wild world. The fresh water was in the freshest places of the world and kept the salt water on the dry land. After the great cloud stopped crying she suddenly felt sick. She never felt this way befor then she threw up lots of different creatures in the sea. Fish, lobster crabs and many othe things.

Once she was finished she looked and what she did, she was really surprised. Everyone was cheering for her. Her dream was to make people happy and her dream came true.

W.A.L.T: write our own mystery
( not finished writing )

My mystery 

"The most strangest thing I have ever seen that happened at this beach," panicked mum. Something was wrong. Her two daughters Sofia and Charlotte noticed that the sand had gone rock hard, most of the animals and people are gone. " Hey where are the crazy waves that's the best part about this beach," shouted Sofia. 

Little Charlotte was walking around the beach until, she trotted on something soft and wooly, she looked down 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Long ago high on the hill was a beautiful palace where king o'hara lived. He had three beautiful daughters. The three girls all had long silky hair and wore long dresses. 

One day the king had to leave the palace and his daughters. While the king was gone the oldest daughter went into her fathers room and took his cloak of darkness and wished for a handsome man. The man came straight away with a golden coach, four horses then the man took the princess away. The second daughter saw what happened to her sister so she scooped the cloak of darkness and wished for the best man in the world as her husband. Straight away a golden coach came and a man. The youngest daughter put on the cloak of darkness and wished for a white dog, she took the cloak off and strait away the white dog came with a man who took this daughter away. 

When the king came home, the stable boy told him what happend when he was gone. He was enraged beyond measure with what happened to his daughters, but didn't do anything.

Years later the youngest daughter had a child who was taken away by the Gray cow that used to haunt the place. Unfortunately this happened to other children she had as well.

Monday, 17 August 2015


WALT: summarise by making headlines 

Chapter: why do we wear clothes 
Headline: we wear clothes for a reason 

Chapter: early costumes  
Headline: Ancient, lose, clothing from Europe

Chapter: Early 20th century
Headline: The posh and sylish

Thursday, 6 August 2015


WALT Solve “How many equal sets of ?” problems by reversing multiplication facts

Yesterday our I first problem was...
Rosie has 18 dresses and she wants to share them equally into 6 drawers. The children used the counters to work out how many dresses would be in each draw. Everyone chunked and checked which was great. They found out it was 3. I wrote down what the equation would look like:
18 ÷ 6 = 3
6 x 3 = 18

We carried on this activity today but this time we said that Jamie had 24 birds and he wanted to share them into 6 cages equally. Caid put 4 in each and said he knew that 18÷6=3 so he added one more counter to each cage to get 24. Logan and Jhaz both said that 24 was an even number so they wanted to start with an even number like 4. I wrote down what the equation would look like:

2 stars and a wish


W.A.L.T: summarise 

Story: whales and dolphins 

Body bits

Whales and dolphins have loads of special features that help them 
live under the sea.

Teeth and feeding

Whales and dolphin are split into 2 groups,some whales have teeth and some have none.

What are whales and dolphins

Whales and dolphins are mammals like us. Whales and dolphins come in different 
Shapes and sizes, small, big and round.

Wonderful whales

Whales are all different they can't do the same things. For example 
Bottle nosed whales can hold their breath for an hour.

Talking underwater 

Whales and dolphins talk to each other by using different sounds and songs.
Some use their special sounds to find food and find their way around things.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


WALT write a recount about an idea we had in our writers notebook