Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Thinking out side the square sheet (inquiry)

These are my inquiry reflection question. This sheet is could thinking out side the square.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Goal fish

 WALT: set SMART goals
Task: set a learning goal, a behaviour goal and an at home goal. Create a goal fish to display you goals.

Success Criteria

  • I can read my goals
  • My goals are specific
  • My goals are measurable
  • My goals are important to me

Reflection Questions

I think
My learning partner thinks
I can read my 
 I can read my goals properly.
i can read  the goals
My goals are specific
My goals are specific 
they are specific
My goals are measurable
yes because I can sort of see it far away.
I can read them
My goals are important to me
My goals are important to me because they are the things I need to work on it.
they are important to her

Riley, you have thought hard about your goals and what you want to achieve. I can see that you are taking responsibility and picking goals that are important to you and you are working hard to achieve them. Soon it will be time to set new goals!


WALT: write to inform

Success Criteria
  • Create a clear image in the readers mind
  • Have a clear message (big idea)
  • Powerful words (precise, clear)
  • Reread writing and check for impact
My thinking questions

I choose this piece to publish because... I worked really hard on the piece of writing
I need to practise...fix up my mistakes
I am pleased about...editing my writing because I wanted to add a bit more ideas.

My Published Writing
WALT: edit and publish my writing

Success Criteria
  • Use a font and colour that can be easily read
  • Must make sense
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Change at least 3 words to add impact for the reader

My long trip

Vroom! Vroom! “hay stop hitting me”!, “you hit me first”, OW! “you two stop fighting back there,do you two want to go or not”,Dad yelling in his angry voice “ I want to go,” I said “ I don’t want to go,well to bad Caid,” Dad said.A couple of minutes went by when we hit the country side I was bored staring at the window so I tried to go to sleep. It didn’t work.I tried playing on my ipad it didn’t work then I tried lying down on my pillow that didn’t work but I went to sleep anyway .A few minutes went by so I was talking to myself in my head,then I was thinking about getting car sick , normaly I would get car sick because of the weird smell from dad or the car smell.A couple of minutes  later we was at lake taupo we stopped by the lake.I stayed in the car drinking hot milo but then I heard my dad talking on the phone he said “I might not make it all the way to your house because when i’m in taupo I feel like going to mum and dads house (Nan and Grandads house) and Benji is car sick” Dad is lieing about Benji car sick.I was mad. “ NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I don’t want to go to Nan and Grandads house I want to go to Berals house” I screamed. Dad said “we are nearly at Nans house and we are not even close to Berals Nan and Grandad are going to drop you off tommoro,” Caid was shouting “YAY!!!!!” because he we weren’t going to Nans house. While we was driving I was looking at the window stearing at the hills at the hills.A minute later we was at putararu.I was so excited.I think going there isn’t bad after all.

You have painted a very clear picture in the head of the reader about your long car trip! You have used different sentence types to help make your message clear (some short and simple and some compound).
Remember to make sure you punctuate your speech and tell the reader who is talking to help make the message even clearer, (Also there is always 1 space after a full stop)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


WALT: use our prior knowledge to help us understand what we read.  (Get it)
 Summarise what we read to help us understand what we read.   (Get it and Sort it)
  use what we have learned from our reading. (Use it)
Task: use the ‘get it, sort it, use it’ model of inquiry to find out about the commonwealth games and share what we have learned.
Success Criteria
ü 10 questions
ü Only one correct answer per question
ü Clear questions (not ambiguous)
ü Image matches the question

Reflection Questions

I followed the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process by…using my prior knowledge so I could understand.

My next step when I use the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process is...What I know about the inquiry

The fun part of the Get it, Sort it, Use it inquiry process was…finding out about the Commonwealth Games and learning new stuff

Riley, you used your reading skills to quickly find information to use in your kahoot. You and your group, were able to sort the information into questions (and answers) and then to create a kahoot for the class try out.
You have thought about your learning and use your strategies to help as you read to make meaning and grow your understanding and knowledge.